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CCB Match Plus

Published time: 2020-08-14

Starting from December 2019, with the objective of serving the real economy, using technologies such as big data, cloud computing and Artificial Intelligence (“AI”), China Construction Bank Corporation (“CCB Corp”) has integrated the concept of "bring the world within reach" into the building of "CCB Match Plus" platform (“the Platform”).


“CCB Match Plus” is a smart matchmaking platform owned by CCB Corp to assist the platform users to look for and match medical product suppliers and/or purchasers. On "CCB Match Plus" platform, CCB Corp acts as a third-party service provider connecting online and offline channels, domestic and overseas markets, internal and external systems. The platform provides smart matchmaking solutions for parties with cross-border needs. In response to information asymmetry in cross border scenarios, the Platform utilizes big data and understanding of corporate needs to achieve data mining and precise matching.


After deals are sealed, the Platform also provides a full range of professional financial services including but not limited to accounts, settlements, credit facilities, fund custody, guarantee and risk management. Through sharing data, channels and resources, the Platform has created an internet-based information plus financial service ecosystem, in order to enhance the accuracy and timeliness of transactions, to improve availability of funding, to lower financing costs, and to contribute to the optimization and upgrade of industries and the digital transformation of traditional economy.


In addition to basic functions of online demand and matchmaking, offline matchmaking service and value-added financial services, the Platform will also launch its mobile version which is accessible to third-party platforms and customized services for industrial parks, aiming at bringing more automated and smarter experiences to users.


"CCB Match Plus" platform sincerely welcomes trustworthy users to join. CCB Corp is committed to assist platform users to expedite the process of smart matchmaking. Let’s work together to create a better future!


 The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) can be accessed here.


Download: FAQ




Please contact your respective Relationship Manager for more details on CCB Corp and/or the Platform or via the general contact information listed below:


Telephone      :     +60 87-582 018

Email address:

Website          :


Note: “CCB Match Plus” Platform is developed and owned by China Construction Bank Corporation. Usage of the same is subject to terms and conditions and prevailing laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China.

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